General Info

General FAQ

  • International Shipping

    • 7 – 10 days delivery time from ship date, please plan accordingly.
    • Same guidelines as normal apply, don’t order if the weather is supposed to be above 80F or 27C.
      • Please don’t order a warm weather kit, it won’t suffice because of how long it takes to be delivered.
    • Weights (with all the packaging – padding etc):
      • 6 piece box weighs 6 oz
      • 12 piece box weighs 13 oz
      • 24 piece box weighs 1 lb 6 oz
    • Canada 
      • Rates are based on weight through USPS First Class International: up to 2 lbs is approx $16 USD, 3 – 4 lbs $25.25, 4 – 5 lbs $37.25 (may vary depending on destination)
      • Please be aware, there may be customs fees upon delivery; that is out of my control.
    • United Kingdom
      • Rates are based on weight through USPS First Class International: up to 2 lbs is approx $23.50 USD, 3 – 4 lbs $35.75, 4 – 5 lbs $51.50
      • Please be aware, there may be customs fees upon delivery; that is out of my control.
    • Other Countries
      • coming soon hopefully
  • Allergies
    • Peanuts, soy product (soy lecithin), dairy, tree nuts (pecans, hazelnuts, almonds).
      • additional allergens in holiday sets: walnuts. 
  • Gluten Free?
    • Yes.
  • Vegan?
    • Sorry, no. There are no vegan options at this time.
  • Shelf life? How long are they good for?
    • They are best within a month of when you receive them. 
  • Do I need to refrigerate the chocolate?
    • No. It would require refrigeration only if it’s been out in the heat and you’re concerned it’s become mushy. DO NOT let it sit in the fridge for more than 30 minutes or you have the potential for “bloom”.
      • What’s “bloom”? 
        • Sugar bloom is when moisture condenses on the surface of the chocolate and draws the sugar to the surface to create white crystal streaks. Fat bloom will also happen if it gets too warm. The cocoa butter can come to the surface and leave white streaks. It will still taste the same, it just won’t be pretty anymore. Large fluctuations in temperature can also cause the tops of the coffins to cave in as the filling expands and contracts more than the chocolate itself does.
  • How should I store it? 
    • In a cool dark place. Preferrably between 55F(12C) and 65F(18C).
  • What kind of chocolate do you use?
    • Guittard – a french american chocolate.
  • Summer Shipping?
    • There is a warm weather kit if your local weather is predicted to be warmer than 80F during the delivery time. From June 1st to Sept 2nd I will close up shop. I don’t want anyone to be disappointed because they received melted chocolate. I’ll be back on Sept 3rd though, so don’t worry. It’s not gone forever.
  • Coffins, not caskets?
    • I don’t care for caskets, they look too much like boxes to me. I think coffins are much more aesthetically pleasing.
  • Where do you get your molds?
    • I make the coffins and tombstone molds. The heart shapes are commercial polycarbonate molds. 
  • Bulk Orders, Weddings, or Parties
    • Please contact me, I’d be happy to discuss it with you


Behind the names

This will come later


About Dark Love LLC

Dark Love is a small company specializing in quality chocolate of a darker theme with an undertone of humor. Each piece is uniquely designed to pair with its name and flavor to create an experience for the senses and mind. Only the best ingredients available are used, Oregon hazelnuts, natural peanut butter, fine liqueurs such as Grand Marnier and Courvoisier, French and French-American chocolate, Nielsen Massey vanilla, and most importantly: no artificial flavorings.


The thoughts behind Dark Love: Time is a human construct, the perception of which is influenced by culture and language. Love and Death are not constructs however, and are experienced by everyone. The goal of Dark Love is to bring more awareness to the passage of “time”. To encourage the taking of moments to appreciate all the good things in life (like good chocolate) and love whilst it can be appreciated. For even though love can persist even in death, it cannot be appreciated the same as in life. Dark Love Chocolate is meant to be a gift-able expression of love and a convenient way to tell your loved one that you will love them forever, even in death.


About me

And now for the boring part, I’m sure you don’t want to read this. It’s really not that interesting, no one will hold it against you if you skip this section. 

I enjoy reading and listening to music. I also like making dolls in my spare time. I only customize vinyl dolls right now, but eventually I would like to make my own ball jointed dolls from polyeurethane resin. You can find some of the pictures of the vinyl dolls on my personal instagram (grimnirnacht) if you’re curious. 

I graduated from CU Boulder in 2016 with a degree in Pyschology and a minor in German. I started out in Physics, but after finishing an AS degree in it, I realized studying reality was depressing the life out of me and so I moved on to the metaphysical studies of psychology. In particular I’m interested in consciousness and memories. One day I will go back for my PhD in psychology, just so I can legally change my surname to “Jekyll.” My husband has promised me he will change his to “Hyde” when I do. I also want to write and illustrate children’s horror stories. Life goals.

As for this business, I love the beauty in darkness. That’s my inspiration. I do this because I love making things and sharing them with the world.  I’m self taught with chocolate and I’m still learning and figuring things out. I love difficult fastidious tasks, and chocolate is very demanding in that way. And it’s so hard to find dark themed candy that hasn’t been cartoonized. I wanted something beyond halloween candy, and so I decided to make it myself. Two years later and here I am with this business. I am so very happy that so many people like it. It’s very encouraging to keep going.


Lastly, the quotes on the cards are written by me. If you’d like to use them, you can credit them back to Dark Love. I prefer not to use my real name. Shy and all that.



Releasing all the dark passion of my heart for you guys

– Founder and owner of Dark Love